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We have an amazing team of people here at Steve's Wine Bar. Take a moment to learn more about them.

Cheryl Hunt - Wine and Beverage Director

My passion for wine has been decades long, and my desire to accelerate my wine education brought me to Steve’s Wine Bar. Wine is an enigmatic challenge, and the more I know about wine, the less I surely know. I love a robust red like Cab Franc or Petite Sirah any day, but I am also embracing my softer side with Provencal rosés and white Burgundies. When I am not at Steve’s (although I may be drinking wine), I am probably playing games, hanging with my friends and family, or binging Netflix. Wine truly is at the cornerstone of how I define myself. I currently hold my Certified Specialist of Wine and WSET Level 2.



Kyndra Emerson

I love wine, and working at Steve’s was a great opportunity to experience a lot of different wines. Since I’ve started working at Steve’s, I’ve made a lot of friends and connections with customers.. My favorite style is a buttery Chardonnay, but I love all the different varieties of wine available. When people see me behind the bar, they assume I am calm and quiet, but I have a fun and playful side also.

Matt Anzak

Much of my wine experience comes from my travels in Europe, so wine gives me nostalgic feelings. I've also always felt that drinking wine while painting provides a more sensual creative process. I love trying new beers everywhere I travel, especially at small breweries. I prefer big bold red wines, but I'm open to try everything, and I enjoy wine and food pairing as well. I'm a creative and adventurous old soul, who likes to be spontaneous and humorous. I love to explore new places and spend time in nature with my amazing wife. Finally, guests should feel free to ask me questions about any of the art at Steve's, which for the most part was either done by me or by artists I represent.

Svetlana Anzak

I chose to work at Steve’s Wine Bar because of a moment of inspiration. Latin jazz, relaxing atmosphere and a delicious glass of wine was all I needed that beautiful summer evening. I could picture myself to add a little bit of my magic, and that is how it all got started. I love that wine is a play of the senses: sight, aromas and taste, and I've developed my palate much more since working at Steve's.Others may know me as a dancing little Pixie, and I am certainly a beautiful explosion of creativity and passion!

Dean Underdahl - CSW, WSET II

My journey with wine started in the late 90’s as a server for Pappas Bros Steakhouse. At first, I studied their vast wine list as a way to boost my check average and rub elbows with the wine stewards so they would let me taste with them from time to time, but soon after, I realized that the right bottle of wine can be the difference between a good experience and a great one.
A few years later I joined Su Vino Winery as a cellar rat, and with a college education in biology and chemistry, and weekend enology classes at Grayson College, I quickly moved up to Operations Mgr and assumed the wine making duties as well. From there, I went on to Central Market-HEB where I headed up the wine and beer department in Plano and got to travel to many wine regions in Europe and South America. I then moved on to work at Republic Distributing as a rep for restaurants such as Nick & Sam's, Stephen Pyles, Eddie V’s, Del Frisco's, Cafe Pacific, Cru Wine Bar and more. While at Republic, I earned my CSW and WSET II, and had the opportunity to visit many wineries on the west coast. After several years, I joined the craft beer revolution with Alaskan Brewing Co as a rep for the state of Texas, then spent five years in the craft coffee industry before coming onboard at Steve's Wine Bar.

Emilé McCasland

The opportunity to join the Steve’s Wine Bar family was a no-brainer! Even before I was of legal age to drink I had a fascination with wine. The movies made it look so classy and decadent, I always imagined adult me indulging in it. Never would I have seen myself having the knowledge I do now to serve it to our lovely community. Outside of Steve’s I enjoy photography and painting, as well as reading fantasy books like the Carry On series by Rainbow Rowell (seriously ask about it, she is my favorite author). Realistically though I am always relaxing with my cat children and have plenty of photos to share, so please feel free to ask about them and share photos of your furry friends with me as well!

Ariel Glassman

I jumped at the chance to work to work at Steve’s because I've loved this place as a music venue for a long time, and it’s been another home. The first live music I saw in Denton was at Steve's. Working here, I have really come to love that wine, more than any other drink, has a story and a personality. At the end of the day, it's an agricultural product, and a temperamental one at that. It's dependent on the land it comes from just as much, if no more than, the people making it. And I love that a product demands that much respect and care to be great. I have always liked Malbec, but I have been a fan of most things from Argentina and Chile that I've tried. When I am not working at the bar, I spend my time with music, books, yoga and cats.


Jennifer Pickle


Courtney Bellamey

I began working at Steve’s because I love wine, and I couldn’t escape the awesome vibes that emanated from within the bar. Wine interests me because it seems overwhelming initially, but once you just put yourself out there to start trying and tasting different wines, it starts to all make sense. My favorite wine is Viognier! Because my childhood was mostly in Georgia, I remember eating wild honeysuckle, and Viogniers remind me of that taste. I love learning about new things, and you may not know that I’ve been dancing all my life (ask me about hip hop and jazz!). Next time you are in the bar, tell me your astrology sign so I can talk your ear off for a half hour!

Heather Davis

I love wine so much that I knew I needed to work at Steve’s Wine Bar! I am open to any variety or style of wine, and I don’t really have a favorite. It depends on my mood and the season. I am bilingual, and in my free time I love adventuring outdoors and traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.

Sarah Harvey

Being a classically trained musician myself, I find Steve's a beautiful place to not only share my love for music but also my budding love for wine. I am able to explore all new avenues, both in the amazing musicians that come through the doors and wines around the world. I have found that wine is a peek into another's perspective of their world and a chance to taste not only the deliciousness of life, but what the earth provides in various environments. My favorite wine is a big and bold red, the juicier the better! I am a fun-loving, goofy person who loves to make people smile.You may not know that I can do great imitations, so come on by the bar, and test my skills!