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Monthly Wine Club Group Tasting

Date: Sun, Jun 9, 2024
Time 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Platinum Wine Club Group Tasting

Our monthly Group Tasting of all 8 wines from our wine club. 

This session focuses on all of monthly club wines. You and your guest will enjoy a presentation style tasting led by our in-house specialists. Reserve your table for 2 people online at Our-Wines-and-Products/Club-Wines

We host up to 40 people at this tasting event, so reserve your seat before we fill up.

If you have friends who are not club members but would like to join you, there is a $50 per person charge to enjoy all the featured wines. Gold club members are also invited to join. There is a $25 per couple add-on charge for Gold Club Members to taste the platinum wines this month.

We look forward to another fun, tasty, and educational experience together.

You can learn more about our wines on our blog at - the new list of wines will be posted on the First Friday of the month.