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Brian McGoldrick
October 13, 2021 | Brian McGoldrick

Il Borro Tasting!

When someone mentions Tuscany in the context of wine, many things may come to mind.   Maybe it’s the blue chip wines of Maremma and Bolgheri.  Maybe it’s the sunbaked terroir hosting countless chateaus specializing in made from Sangiovese to Vernaccia to any number of Bordeaux varieties.  What might be most interesting however, is the sheer longevity and history associated with many of the operations.  We are happy to be able to showcase one of these truly historic estates:  Il Borro.

Located in the larger Valdarno de Sopra region near the city of Arezzo, Il Borro specializes in complex, but rich renditions on the classic ‘super tuscan’ formula.  Additionally, they are responsible for some of the most elegant Tuscan white wines the staff has ever tasted; most notably the ‘Lamelle’, which you might remember as a strikingly Chablis-esque, but approachable, Chardonnay. 

We will be hosting Darrell Gibson, Mid West Il Borro Brand Manager as our presenter.  Darrell wowed us Steve and I with these wines months ago, and I’m glad we are able to share them with you on 10/24!

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