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Cheryl Hunt
August 20, 2023 | Cheryl Hunt

If You Like Sauvignon Blanc, Try Verdejo!

Called the ‘Spanish Sauvignon Blanc,’ Verdejo is the signature grape of Rueda, a region of Castilla y León in northern Spain. Legend is that the Moors brought the grape to Spain about 1000 years ago, and the grape has thrived in Spain ever since. A perfect warm-weather wine, Verdejo is bright, crisp, and fruity, similar in body to a Sauvignon Blanc. A splendid food pairing for Verdejo is any dish with lime in it, which brings out both a citrus and an herbaceous note (fish tacos, anyone?). The Verdejo we are featuring at Steve’s this August, Neleman Verdejo, is actually sourced from Valencia, which is in the southeastern part of Spain. According to winemaker Derrick Neleman, you will earn “karma points” for choosing this 100% organic and vegan wine. The Verdejo label features a man riding a unicycle in a nod to Neleman’s Dutch heritage (there are 23 million bicycles in The Netherlands, in case you were wondering!). Come on over to Steve’s during these 100-degree temps and ask for a glass of Verdejo to quench your thirst and appease your desire to try something new!


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