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Steve Severance
February 28, 2023 | Weekly Email | Steve Severance

Steve's Wine Bar Update for March 1st.

Welcome to March! Well, for those reading this on February 28, farewell February!

We are trying a little different format to the email today. Quick hits first, then a brief written update. 

Blind Tasting Events: They start tonight. If you are considering attending all 4, grab the "4-pack" reservation today as it will go away after the tasting tonight.

The first blind tasting is 7 - 8:30pm tonight, and the theme is "Where is this wine from?"

Go online and reserve your seats at one or more of these tastings.

Upcoming Events

  • February 28, 7pm: Blind Tasting Session #1 - What Region is this wine from?
  • March 1, 7:30pm: Fred Hamilton Trio
  • March 4, 7:30pm: Pete Weise Quartet
  • March 6, 7pm: Greg Waits Nonet - Special Monday Night Listening Experience. Most of these musicians are from Dallas and rarely play here in Denton. 
  • March 7, 7pm: Blind Tasting Session #2 - What Grape is in my Glass?
  • March 8, 7:30pm: Kelly Durbin and Chris DeRose
  • March 9, 7:30pm: Gwynne Johnson Trio
  • March 10, 7:30pm: Will St Peter Duet
  • March 11, 3pm: Irish Pub Experience - It's also the Shamrock Shuffle in Downtown Denton. 

Get your advance seating online.

You can learn more about all that is happening this month online at Events.

Live Music and the Cover Charge: We have been asked several times by guests who come into the bar when we have live music if they have to pay the cover charge for the band if they are here to "just drink". The simple answer is yes. We find that most people do come in during live music to enjoy both the wine and the music. But, if they are truly here to just have a glass of wine, people can sit on the front patio without having to pay a cover charge. In the past we have charged cover to sit on the back patio as we normally broadcast the show to the patio so people can enjoy the music outdoors. 

Our Monday Night special listening events have been quite well received and we have two more coming up in March. The first is next Monday, March 6th with the Greg Waits Nonet - Small Big Band. Seats are avaialble to reserve online for the event. The next one will be March 27th with a special performance with Rosana Eckert. We will have more info and reservations online soon.

Blind Tasting Events: We are kicking off our Blind Tasting series tonight at 7pm. We still have seats available but get your reservation in early today as we will be ordering the cheese board from 10:1 Artisan Cheese at noon today.

We have four weeks of blind tasting events each Tuesday evening starting on the 28th. Each week we will have a different "theme". On the 28th, we will focus on 4 wines from 4 distinct regions of the wine world, and the challenge is to identify where each wine is from. On March 7th we will be looking at "what grape is in my glass?" The following week will be "Is this sweet or fruity?" And the final week we will taste 4 wines and the challenge will be to identify what price range each wine falls into. You can register for one or more events individually, or if you like, you can purchase the 4 weeks up front and save a few $'s. Along with tasting the wines, we will be working with our friends at 10:1 Cheese to have something to pair with each wine. 

Travel Events: We are excited to be working with Walter and Kim Eagleton on a trip to France in 2024 for Steve's Wine Bar guests. Specifically to the Burgundy and Beaujolais regions. There is still room available for those interested in spending a week with us in October of 2024. You can learn more online at Artistic Gourmet Travel October 2024.

Wine Club: The March wine club wines have been chosen and are being delivered this week. We will be kicking off our March club tastings this Friday afternoon! For those club members who missed the February tasting, you can taste through Friday and after that, you can still come in during the month of March and pick a couple of bottles from the list. We will have a couple of the wines still open by the glass in March as they were a hit this last month.

Not a wine club member? You can learn more online at Steve's Wine Bar Wine Club.

Have a great day and we'll see you soon!


Steve, Karen and the entire Steve’s Wine Bar Team.


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