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Steve Severance
March 10, 2020 | Steve Severance

Week of March 10th at Steve's Wine Bar

Happy Sunny Tuesday!

Welcome to another week of great music, beautiful weather and, of course, delicious wine at Steve’s Wine Bar. We have a fantastic week of activities planned.

Instead of starting with our calendar of live music, let’s start with some talk about new wine in the house.

Washington Wines:

We are pouring ten new wines this month from the State of Washington. If you love wines from Washington, you will love these new wines. If you haven’t experienced very many Washington wines outside of the typical 14 Hands and Chateau St. Michelle, then you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

We have two whites - a Chardonnay and a Pinot Grigio, along with eight reds. This includes two Cabernets, one Merlot, one Cab Franc, and four red blends.

We also have a special Washington wine package featuring the Intrinsic Cabernet available for gift-giving or treating yourself! While we are not pouring this wine by the glass, we are selling it by the bottle. The package deal is a beautiful gift box including one bottle of Intrinsic Cabernet and two stemless wine glasses. These make a great wedding, anniversary or birthday gift. We only have a few left, so if you are looking for a gift or want the package for yourself, grab one or more before they are gone.

Four New Wines which have not been on our club:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from guests, “What is your most buttery/oaky Chardonnay? Do you have Rombauer? That’s my favorite!” In the past we have responded with our two more Oaky/Buttery Chardonnays from Quilt and Aviary. In most cases our guests were pleased with those two options, but some felt they simply did not live up the buttery-ness of Rombauer. So, for a trial period, we have brought in two different Rombauer wines; their Chardonnay and their Sauvignon Blanc. We have both by the glass and by the bottle.

And if you’d like to try the entire line of Rombauer Wines without the airfare, we will be hosting Rombauer here at the wine bar on May 1st for a full portfolio tasting of their Napa wines. Mark your calendars if you would like to come out and enjoy their wines. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Also, from Napa, we now have a couple of wines from a very small, exclusive winery: The Reynolds Family Winery. We were turned onto this winery by one of our club members who raved about their wines and the estate. Reynolds has five vineyards where they grow the grapes to make their own wines.

We brought in their Estate Cabernet, which is grown on the Reynolds Family Estate Vineyard. It is their 14 1/2 acre property home and the vineyard sits in the shadow of Atlas Peak, just south of Stags Leap, where it enjoys cool breezes from San Pablo Bay to the south. The growing conditions in the locale are ideal for producing big, rich, complex wines.

We also have their Persistence Red Blend which, as the name implies, comes from their Persistence Vineyard. The Persistence Vineyard is a 20-acre property with 15 acres under vine. This property is planted with Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Sauvignon Blanc.

For a limited time, both of these wines from Reynolds are available by the glass and by the bottle. Come out and enjoy these sophisticated Napa region wines.

Another event you should mark your calendar for is Messina Hof on March 28th. We will have the CEO and Winemaker, Paul Mitchell Bonarrigo in from the winery near College Station for a special “Vertical Tasting” of 4 of their wines. Have you ever wondered what a current vintage wine you are drinking today tasted like in the previous vintage(s)? A Vertical Tasting allows you that opportunity. We are finalizing the details on the wines we will present during the tasting and we will begin selling tickets to that event soon. Check out our next email/FB events/SWB website for ordering options. Seating will be limited for this event.

Wine Travel:

As you may remember, we’ve been working on a trip to Italy for a small group of our customers scheduled in June. However, with all the issues relating to travel outside of our country due to Covid-19, we have cancelled that trip for now and are looking at another trip that allows us to stay on the mainland of the US.

We are beginning work on that trip now, which will likely take us to the Walla Walla/Columbia Valley region of Washington, or the Paso Robles wine region in California. If you are interested in joining us, the plan is to travel for 4-5 days around the weekend of June 25. Email us and let us know if you would like to learn more.

Health Precautions:

In reference to the Covid-19 virus, we want to let you know what precautions we are taking on our end to make sure Steve’s Wine Bar is a safe place to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family.

  • Employees are trained to be diligent on washing their hands.
  • Our focus is to continuously clean and disinfectant our tables, chairs, bar, bathrooms, door handles and other areas of the bar.
  • Our glass water bottles that are set on the table are cleaned and disinfected before going back in the cooler to chill.
  • All of our glassware goes through a two-stage cleaning process. First we wash/rinse them in soapy water, then they are cleaned and sanitized in our special high-heat glass washer behind the bar.

Please, if you are ill, stay home until you are better. No matter what virus is causing your illness, we want our space as safe as possible for you, for your family and friends, and for our employees.

VIP Program – Punch in your Cell Number:

At our old location we had a little red tablet by the checkout counter where our customers would punch in their cell number and earn one point for each visit. After so many earned points, they would receive a special gift for their continued support of Steve’s Wine Bar. When we moved, we discontinued the program, however, we have renewed the program through our vendor and now have the tablet set up right at the entrance to the bottle room. Next time you stop into Steve’s for a beverage, put in your cell number and earn a point for your visit. Then, when you have achieved a VIP point status, see one of us to claim your special reward. Some of the items you can earn: a wine bottle aerator, a sparkling wine stopper, and one of our Steve’s Wine Bar t-shirts. So come in and join; become a cell phone VIP!

Music and Activities for this week:

  • Tonight 8pm: Vaughn Faison’s smooth vocals are back along with Lizzi Trumbore as they present some of best duets from the jazz and rock idioms.
  • Wednesday 8pm: Jeffry Eckels Trio brings, a very full night of jazz.
  • Thursday 8pm: Mario Cruz and his quartet will be performing.
  • Thursday evening starting around 6pm, we will be having some fun for Steve’s 60th birthday. The team has put together some food to share with our guests and Karen has promised to open up some sparkling wine at some point in the evening. Mario has asked Steve to possibly play a tune or two during the evening with them. Steve is still on the fence about that part! 😊 Come by and encourage him to play.
  • Friday 8:30pm: The Scott Bucklin Jazz Trio brings a wide range of original and classic jazz to Steve’s Wine Bar.
  • Saturday 8:30pm: Rob Robinson is back for a solo show of original and classic rock music. Rob had performed here one time when he was traveling through Texas from the East Coast, and the audience loved him! He has recently moved to the DFW area and we are excited to host him this Saturday, and hopefully, more evenings in the future!
  • Sunday 4pm: The Mark Withers Trio will be performing and doing a live recording session. If you want to be part of that recording, come down and join us for a great afternoon of wine and music.
  • Jazz Combo Monday Nights: While we are usually closed on Mondays, the UNT Jazz department approached us to host a series of student-led jazz combo performances. We will open up for four Mondays in March/April to host these special performances. If you love jazz and the talent we see here at UNT within the jazz department, these are sure to be fun evenings. So stop in for a glass of wine or beer and enjoy some cool jazz. Concerts will be held on March 16, 23, 30, and April 6. Each night will feature 4-5 different combos performing 20- 30 minute sets. These will start at 5pm and go to 7:30 pm. We will open up for our guests at 4pm and we will close up no later than 9pm.

 Visit our Events page  and our Facebook Page

We thank you for your continued support and friendship. It is a pleasure sharing our space with you and bringing fun wines and music to Downtown Denton!

Steve and Karen Severance, and our great SWB staff



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